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May 2011

May 24, 2011

Discovery - building a UK metadata ecology

A Conference to Launch the Discovery Programme

Wellcome Collection
Thursday, May 26, 2011  

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10.00     Refreshments & Registration

10.30     Discovery - Introduction by Prof David Baker, Deputy Chair JISC Board

Introducing the Discovery programme and its purpose to create a metadata ecology for UK education and research

Part 1: The Demand Side – User Expectations in teaching, learning and research

Key question: What do UK educators and researchers need from content collections and services in order to excel and push new boundaries in discovery? What are the motivations arising for Libraries, Archives, Museums and their partners?

10.50     Keynote 1 (filmed) – Dr Stuart Lee, Director, Computing Systems and Services, at Oxford University's Computing Services

11.10     Keynote 2 – Prof Peter Murray-Rust, Reader in the Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, Cambridge University

11.30     The Research Conversation (whole conference debate)

11.50     Coffee

12.10     Keynote 3 – Drew Whitworth, Programme Director, MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education, University of Manchester

12.30     The Teaching & Learning Conversation (whole conference debate)

12.50     Summing up – David Baker

13.00     Lunch

During lunch there will be a display of the eight RDTF Discovery projects in the lunch area with representatives on hand to field queries.

Part 2: The Supply Side – Opportunities to Expand Access and Visibility

Key question:  What are practical next steps that Libraries, Archives and Museums can take to make their collections more available, enhance audiences and add value?  What are the immediate challenges, the early wins and the available tools?

The afternoon sessions will focus on debate and discussion with the audience rather than presentations – speakers below will introduce themes and facilitate discussion

13.45     Welcome back & intro to the afternoon – Nick Poole, CEO of Collections Trust

14.00     The Art of the Possible: Special Collections – Veronica Adamson, Director, Glenaffric

Opportunities around Special Collections identified in a series of interviews

14.15     The Art of the Possible: Aggregation Services – Peter Burnhill, Director of EDINA

Aggregation as a tactic for improving resource discovery

14.30     Tea and Action Planning: Special Collections & Aggregation Services (whole conference activity)

Tea break during which delegates will be asked to form small groups to discuss next steps with the aim of producing two suggested actions per group to feed back into a plenary session after 20 minutes.  Suggestions will be posted up onto a projected timeline.

15.05     The Big Event: A catalyst for collaboration – Nick Poole

Balloon debate format to select potential option for a collaboration theme

Discussion exploring how the selected option might act as a catalyst for collaboration

15.40     Licensing: Announcement of a new agreement – David Baker

15.50     Summing Up – David Baker

16.00     Conference Close


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