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January 10, 2012

Introducing Bricolage

My last post here (two months ago - yikes, must do better...) was an appeal to anyone who might be interested in my making a contribution to a project under the JISC call 16/11: JISC Digital infrastructure programme to get in touch. I'm pleased to say that Jasper Tredgold of ILRT at the University of Bristol contacted me about a proposal he was putting together for a project called Bricolage, with the prospect of my doing some consultancy. The proposal was to work with the University Library's Special Collections department and the University Geology Museum to make available metadata for two collections - the archive of Penguin Ltd. and the specimen collection of the Geology Museum - as Linked Open Data.

And just before I went off for the Christmas break, Jasper let me know that the proposal had been accepted and the project was being funded. I'm very pleased to have another opportunity to carry on applying some of what I've learned in the other JISC-funded projects I've contributed to recently, and also to explore some new categories of data. It's also nice to be working with a local university - I worked on a few projects with folks from ILRT during my time at UKOLN, and from a selfish perspective I look forward to project meetings which involve a twenty-minute walk up the hill for me rather than a 7am start and a three or four hour train journey!

The project will start in February and run through to July. I'm sure there'll be a project blog once we get going and I'll add a URI here when it is available.



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