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October 21, 2011

Two UK government consultations related to open data

This is just a very quick note to highlight that there are two UK government consultations in the area of open data currently in progress and due to close very shortly - next week on 27 October 2011:

  • Making Open Data Real, from the Cabinet Office, on the Transparency and Open Data Strategy, and "establishing a culture of openness and transparency in public services".
  • A Consultation on Data Policy for a Public Data Corporation, from BIS, on the role of the planned Public Data Corporation and "key aspects of data policy – charging, licensing and regulation of public sector information produced by the PDC for re-use – that will determine how a PDC can deliver against all its objectives".

Below a few pointers to notes and comments I've seen around and about recently via Twitter:

Related to the former consultation is a very interesting report by Kieron O'Hara from the University of Southampton, published by the Cabinet Office as Transparent Government, not Transparent Citizens on the the issues for privacy raised by the government‘s transparency programme, and on reconciling the desire for openness from government with the privacy of individuals, which makes the argument that "privacy is a necessary condition for a successful transparency programme".


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