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May 11, 2011

LOCAH releases Linked Archives Hub dataset

The LOCAH project, one of the two JISC-funded projects to which I've been contributing, this week announced the availability of an initial batch of data derived from a small subset of the Archives Hub EAD data as linked data. The homepage for what we have called the "Linked Archives Hub" dataset is http://data.archiveshub.ac.uk/

The project manager, Adrian Stevenson of UKOLN, provides an overview of the dataset, and yesterday I published a post which provides a few example SPARQL queries.

I'm very pleased we've got this data "out there": it feels as if we've been at the point of it being "nearly ready" for a few weeks now, but a combination of ironing out various technical wrinkles (I really must remember to look at pages in Internet Explorer now and again) and short working weeks/public holidays held things up a little. It is very much a "first draft": we have additional work planned on making more links with other resources, and there are various things which could be improved (and it seems to be one of those universal laws that as soon as you open something up, you spot more glitches...). But I hope it's enough to demonstrate the approach we are taking to the data, and to provide a small testbed that people can poke at and experiment with.

(If you have any specific comments on content of the LOCAH dataset, it's probably better to post them over on the LOCAH blog where other members of the project team can see and respond to them).


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