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February 22, 2011


As I've mentioned here before, I'm contributing to a project called LOCAH, funded by the JISC under its 02/10 call Deposit of research outputs and Exposing digital content for education and research (JISCexpo), working with MIMAS and UKOLN on making available bibliographic and archival metadata as linked data.

Partly as a result of that work, I was approached by Chris Keene from the University of Sussex to be part of a bid they were preparing to another recent JISC call, 15/10: Infrastructure for education and research programme, under the "Infrastructure for resource discovery" strand, which seeks to implement some of the approaches outlined by the Resource Discovery Task Force.

The proposal was to make available metadata records from the Mass Observation Archive, data currently managed in a CALM archival management system, as linked data. I'm pleased to report that the bid was successful, and the project, Sussex Archive Linked Data Application (SALDA), has been funded. It's a short project, running for six months from now (February) to July 2011. There's a brief description on the JISC Web site here, a SALDA project blog has just been launched, and the project manager Karen Watson provides more details of the planned work in her initial post there.

I'm looking forward to working with the Sussex team to adapt and extend some of the work we've done with LOCAH for a new context. I expect most information will appear over on the SALDA blog, but I'll try to post the occcasional update on progress here, particularly on any aspects of general interest.


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