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November 26, 2010

Tools for sharing - Posterous

There is latent value to others in what we are reading. I say latent because, often, knowledge about what we are reading is either not shared at all or is shared in ways that don't necessarily have much obvious impact. Value also comes at different levels. In some cases, reading something will result in a blog post in response. In others, an "I am reading X" tweet suffices. Indeed, some people seem to make almost exclusive use of Twitter for this purpose - and it's arguably quite effective. And then there's a the middle ground of stuff where you want to make a comment on what you are reading but you don't have the time or inclination to write a blog post and the 140 character limit of Twitter is too limiting to get your point across.

With that middle ground in mind, I've been playing with Posterous, channelled thru my personal hosting at aggregate.andypowe11.net. Nothing unusual in that I know... but it's taking me a while to figure out where the correct balance between Twitter, Posterous and this blog lies. Ditto the balance between personal and corporate. Oh, and then there's also Del.icio.us to think about just to keep things interesting!

My plan, such as it is, is to use Posterous as a place to lodge things that will eventually become full-blown blog posts. Hence the name - Aggregate is what you need to make eFoundations... get it! To date, that hasn't happened - the act of writing a one line comment for Posterous has been sufficient to get the thing out of my system.

We'll see... it may come to nothing.


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