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June 15, 2010

Brief e-Book usage survey

I've been tangentially involved in some discussions here at Eduserv about the future direction that our Licence Negotiation team should go in with respect to e-books. As I hinted previously, getting a good picture of where things stand and where the use of e-books is likely to go in the near future doesn't strike me as being particularly easy at the moment.

So, whilst we have already negotiated a number of Chest Agreements for e-books with Emerald, Springer, IEEE, and other suppliers, we are now seeking feedback on e-books to help inform future negotiations in line with our charitable mission of working on behalf of universities and colleges to bring savings to the community.

As a first step, we have put together a very brief survey covering current and planned future use, budgetary issues, and licensing models. The survey is only 5 screens and 16 questions long, all but 2 of which are optional. We are quite happy for you to only answer the questions that you know the answers to, skipping the rest (though preferably passing the survey URL on internally to other people). It is targeted at our Licence Negotiation contacts in the UK and Ireland (mainly in libraries) although it would be fantastic if we could also get some responses from faculty teaching staff as well. One of the things we are interested in is how the decision-making process works for e-books purchases. (Note that at this time we are not interested in responses from outside the UK and Ireland).

Anyway... we will publish an anonymised summary of the results of the survey in due course. If you have an interest in the way e-books are being used in UK higher or further education institutions please encourage someone at your site to complete the survey.



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