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March 23, 2010

JISC Linked Data call possibilities

Hmmm... I should have written this post about two weeks ago but my blog-writing ain't what it used to be :-).

On that basis, this is just a quick note to say that we (Eduserv) are interested in strand B (the Linked Data strand) of the JISC Grant Funding Call 2/10: Deposit of research outputs and Exposing digital content for education and research.

What can we offer? A pretty decent level of expertise in Linked Data, RDF, RDFa and the Dublin Core and and some experience of modelling data. This comes in the form of your favorite eFoundations contributors, Pete Johnston and Andy Powell. In this instance we are not offering either hosting space or software development.

I appreciate that this comes late in the day and that people's planning will already be quite advanced. But we are keen to get involved in this programme somewhere so if you have a vacancy for the kind of expertise above, please get in touch.


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