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March 30, 2010

iPhone to the rescue

We had a two hour power-cut at home yesterday evening. A somewhat strange experience that took me right back to the regular power cuts of the early 70s, the 3-day week and all that. Once we'd sorted out candles and torches and stuff we sat around wondering what to do. My youngest son suggested playing Monopoly, which resulted in a big hug from his mum and howls of derision from the rest of us. Instead we decided to go out for a walk, an idea apparently shared by half the local neighbourhood. The streets were dark, no street lamps, but there were plenty of people around, all wondering what was going on. We even met a few of the neighbours that we haven't seen for a while. Much of the local area was without power it seems.

Back in the house, we sat around lost for things to do. Immediately before the power-cut, I'd been on the computer, my other half and my daughter were watching TV, and the two boys were on their XBox and Playstation 3 respectively. But take away our power supply and we didn't have a clue. After about ten minutes the boys we pacing the room and starting to argue with each other. Then I remembered... TVCatchup allows you to watch TV on your iPhone - battery power and 3G meaning no mains power required.

Ta da... iPhone to the rescue!

Somewhat sadly, the five of us spent the next hour huddled round the world's smallest TV screen watching Married Single Other until the lights came back on.


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I really did lol when I read the last sentence.

I've always been interested in 'things that would be good for society but will just never happen'... a set date where a local community all go for a random walk to see who they bump in to (maybe a deliberate power cut for 'encouragement') falls in to that category :)

Sad, but true. We had a power outage for over one day in our last holiday - it was the only time we were playing cards using candles and head torches...

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