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December 08, 2009

UK government’s public data principles

The UK government has put down some pretty firm markers for open data in it's recent document, Putting the Frontline First: smarter government. The section entitled Radically opening up data and promoting transparency sets out the agenda as follows:

  1. Public data will be published in reusable, machine-readable form
  2. Public data will be available and easy to find through a single easy to use online access point (http://www.data.gov.uk/)
  3. Public data will be published using open standards and following the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium
  4. Any 'raw' dataset will be represented in linked data form
  5. More public data will be released under an open licence which enables free reuse, including commercial reuse
  6. Data underlying the Government's own websites will be published in reusable form for others to use
  7. Personal, classified, commercially sensitive and third-party data will continue to be protected.

(Bullet point numbers added by me.)

I'm assuming that "linked data" in point 4 actually means "Linked Data", given reference to W3C recommendations in point 3.

There's also a slight tension between points 4 and 5, if only because the use of the phrase, "more public data will be released under an open licence", in point 5 implies that some of the linked data made available as a result of point 4 will be released under a closed licence.  One can argue about whether that breaks the 'rules' of Linked Data but it seems to me that it certainly runs counter to the spirit of both Linked Data and what the government says it is trying to do here?

That's a pretty minor point though and, overall, this is a welcome set of principles.

Linked Data, of course, implies URIs and good practice suggests Cool URIs as the basic underlying principle of everything that will be built here.  This applies to all government content on the Web, not just to the data being exposed thru this particular initiative.  One of the most common forms of uncool URI to be found on the Web in government circles is the technology-specific .aspx suffix... hey, I work for an organisation that has historically provided the technology to mint a great deal of these (though I think we do a better job now).  It's worth noting, for example, that the two URIs that I use above to cite the Putting the Frontline First document both end in .aspx - ironic huh?

I'm not suggesting that cool URIs are easy, but there are some easy wins and getting the message across about not embedding technology into URIs is one of the easier ones... or so it seems to me anyway.


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