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October 12, 2009

Description Set Profiles for DC-2009

For the first time in a few years, I'm not attending the Dublin Core conference, which is taking place in Seoul, Korea this week. I've been actively trying to cut back on the long-haul travel, mainly to shrink my personal carbon footprint, which for several years was probably the size of a medium-sized Hebridean island. But also I have to admit that increasingly I've found it pretty exhausting to try to engage with a long meeting or deliver a presentation after a long flight, and on occasions I've found myself questioning whether it's the "best" use of my own energy reserves!

More broadly, I suppose I think we - the research community generally, not just the DC community - really have to think carefully about the sustainability of the "traditional" model of large international conferences with hundreds of people, some of them travelling thousands of miles to participate.

But that's a topic for another time, and of course, this week I will miss catching up with friends, practising the fine art of waving my hands around animatedly while also trying to maintain control of a full lunch plate, and hatching completely unrealistic plans over late-night beers. Good luck and safe travels to everyone who is attending the conference in Seoul.

Anyway, Liddy Nevile, who is chairing the Workshop Committee (and has over recent years made efforts to enable and encourage remote participation in the conference), invited Karen Coyle and me to contribute a pre-recorded presentation on Description Set Profiles. We only have a ten minute slot so it's necessarily a rather hasty sprint through the topic, but the results are below.

I think this is the first time I've recorded my own voice since I was in a language lab in an A-Level French class in 1990! To date, I've done my best to avoid anything resembling podcasting, or retrospectively adding audio to any of my presentation slide decks on Slideshare, mostly because I hate listening to the sound of my own voice, perhaps all the more so because I know I tend to "umm" and "err" quite a lot. And even if I write myself a "script" (which in most cases I don't) I seem to find it hard to resist the temptation to change bits and insert additional comments on the fly, and then I realise I'm altering the structure of a sentence and repeating things, and I "umm" and "err" even more... Argh. I'm sure I recorded every sentence of this in Audacity at least three times over! :-)


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