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September 03, 2009

Internet Identity Workshop

I note that the ninth Internet Identity Workshop (IIW IX) is taking place on November 3-5 (Tuesday to Thursday) in Mountain View California at the Computer History Museum.

I mention this primarily because it looks like an excellent event - take a quick look at the breadth of topics discussed at the last meeting for example - but is one that is a long way away from those of us in the UK. Is there space to have this kind of 'identity' meeting in Europe - or does such a thing already exist?


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if enough evangelists from the US are visiting, it may work in europe, too :) http://blog.aksw.org/2009/foafssl-presented-by-henry-story-in-leipzig/

There is of a sort in Europe: http://www.id-conf.com/events/eic2009/agenda. I tend to find the European identity conferences a bit stuffier than the US. Don't tell anyone i said so though ;-)

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