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August 21, 2009

Browser use in UK universities

Tony Hirst asks about current browser use in UK HE, Browser Use In Higher Education – A Brake on Innovation?

On the basis that it might be helpful to Tony (and others), here is a breakdown of accesses to our MyAthens service (by browser type) for the period 19 June to 19 July this year, based on a total of 306,213 visits:

IE (total) 224,002 73.15%
IE7 101,047 33.00%
IE6 88,374 28.86%
IE8 34,382 11.23%
Firefox 61,073 19.94%
FF3.0.11 44,089 14.40%
FF3.5 3,612 1.18%
FF30.10 2,362 0.77%
FF2.0 1,548 0.51%
Safari 11,284 3.69%
Chrome 9,223 3.01%
Opera 1,093 0.36%

MyAthens is only used by UK universities and FE colleges (as far as I know) and while it isn't used by all of them, I assume these figures will be reasonably representative of the community as a whole.

[Thanks to Lisa Price (our Online Communications Manager) for the numbers.]


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You might want to fix the MyAthens URL, as it heads off to a blog about the city rather than the authentication service.

Back on track, it'd be interesting to see a breakdown of how much of this access is on campus vs off campus, since MyAthens is used in both locations and I sincerely doubt that any university uses Chrome or Opera for anything other than testing, and Safari only if they have a few Macs.

thanks. Re: the URL... what a twit I am - I'd only just tweeted about that very issue before posting:


Re: stats - I'm not sure what we can do but I'll ask.

By contrast, here is the breakdown for all 2009 accesses to our departmental site, intended for public access rather than enterprise services and based on 28 million hits

MS Internet Explorer 53.8 %
Firefox 32.3 %
Safari 8.2 %
Mozilla 2.1 %
Opera 1.4 %

A little less in favour of IE!

Interesting... I'm probably reading too much into this but I wonder if the difference has to do with students (MyAthens) vs. researchers (your site) and corresponding use (or not) of public access machines on campus? 100% speculation of course!

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