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July 31, 2009

Care in the community

I was at UKOLN's Institutional Web Management Workshop 2009 event at the University of Essex earlier this week to run a workshop session with Ed Barker and Simon Bradley (of SIRC) entitled Care in the community... how do you manage your Web content?. The session, and the workshop more generally for that matter, went pretty well I think.  We used our 90 minutes for a mix of presentation, Simon giving a whirlwind tour of the major findings of the Investigation into the management of website content in higher education institutions that they've been undertaking on our behalf, and group discussion.

For the discussion groups we split people randomly into 3 groups to discuss a range of propositions based loosely on the findings of the investigation. The groups were asked to consider each proposition and to either agree with it or to offer an alternative version. They were than asked to write down 3 consequences (issues, actions or conclusions) that arose from their agreed proposition.

16 propositions were available, inside sealed envelopes labelled with one of 5 broad topic areas:

  • The Web Team,
  • Institutional Issues,
  • CMS,
  • End Users,
  • The Future.

Of the available propositions, 13 were discussed by the groups in the time available. Note that the propositions were chosen to stimulate discussion. They do not necessarily represent the views of Eduserv or SIRC. Perhaps more importantly, they should not be taken as a direct representation of the findings of the study.

The outputs from the group discussions are now available on Google Docs. The report of the investigation itself will be published on Thursday 6th August.


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