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June 17, 2009

JISC Data Management Infrastructure call

I've been reading thru the JISC's Data Management Infrastructure call, largely on the basis that we are interested in being considered as a project partner on a bid under the call (note that we can't bid directly because we are not an HEI). So, what might Eduserv offer to a potential partner?

  • detailed knowledge of the identity and access management space including long-standing service provision and development expertise,
  • hosting experience and Web development expertise including, potentially, our new data centre facility in Swindon,
  • digital library standards expertise, particularly w.r.t. the semantic Web, linked data, metadata and persistent identifiers.

Please get in touch if any of this looks to be of interest in the context of the call.

In reading thru the call I created a Del.icio.us list of the reports, studies and projects listed in Appendix E and Appendix F which might be of use to others. I was surprised at how lightly bookmarked many of the listed resources are, given that these are presumably the key texts in this space? This might be indicative of a low uptake of Del.icio.us within this particular community? However, it might also indicate 'cool URI' issues, meaning that different people are bookmarking the same resource using different URLs. For example, several of the reports (including at least one hosted by us unfortunately :-( ) have URLs which work with and without a '.aspx' suffix.

Bookmarking services like Del.icio.us are one reason why moving towards 'cool' and unique URIs is a good idea.


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