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June 18, 2009

How do you manage yours?

You may recall that we are currently funding an Investigation into the management of website content in higher education institutions, an activity being undertaken on our behalf by SIRC.

As part of this work, SIRC have put together a Web-based survey looking at various issues associated with the management of website content in UK HEIs.

As part of the project we are seeking the assistance of those involved in the management of web content within HEIs in completing an online survey. The following survey has been informed by over 20 hours of in-depth interviews with members of web teams and individuals from Computing Services and Marketing in HEIs more generally.

The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. We would be extremely grateful if you could take the time to complete the questionnaire. With your input we hope to be able to provide the most comprehensive picture to date of web content management within UK HEIs – in terms of the structure of content management, the technologies used and the challenges faced by those working in the sector.

After completing all questions in the survey applicable to you, you will be entered in a random draw to win one of four flip video cameras for some instant user generated Web 2.0 content on a University webpage. In order to be eligible for the draw, you must fill out your full name and email address on the last page of the survey so that we may contact you. We will not use your personal information for any other purposes. The survey will close at midnight on Wednesday 8th July, 2009. To be eligible for the draw all surveys must be completed and submitted by that time.

We are interested in the opinions of anyone that is involved in the management of web content within HEIs. Completed surveys will be welcome from different individuals / departments within the same institution. Please feel free to pass on the details of the survey to colleagues / peers who you think might be able to contribute. If you have contacts outside of your institution whom you think might be interested in the research please feel forward this link to them. Please note that the results of the survey will be anonymous.

Two things are worth noting...

Firstly, as a not-for-profit provider of 'content management' services we (Eduserv) are very keen that people understand that this is not just a bit of traditional 'commercial' market research from which only we benefit. We want the community to benefit from this work (as well as us of course!). On that basis, we will make the final report openly available to the community and we have asked SIRC not to provide us with any raw material from the survey that can tie responses back to an individual or institution. That means you can be sure that if/when you fill out this survey (and we hope you will) your privacy and confidentiality is assured.

Secondly, the survey looks like it is going to be quite long at the outset. Please don't panic... parts of the survey get skipped depending on the answers you give and in any case, many of the answers are selected from lists. On that basis, we hope it won't take longer to complete than the estimated 15-20 minutes.

So, if you are in any way involved with the creation or management of website content in a UK HEI, please take time to complete the survey.  Thanks.

PS. Brian Kelly has remined me that this study will also lead to a workshop session, "Care in the community... how do you manage your Web content?", at the forthcoming IWMW 2009 event (bookings for which close tomorrow).


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