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May 18, 2009

Symposium live-streaming and social media

We are providing a live video stream from our symposium again this year, giving people who have not registered to attend in person a chance to watch all the talks and discussion and to contribute their own thoughts and questions via Twitter and a live chat facility (this year based on ScribbleLive).

Our streaming partner for this year is Switch New Media and we are looking forward to working with them on the day.  Some of you will probably be familiar with them because they provided streaming from this year's JISC Conference and the JISC Libraries of the Future event in Oxford.

If you plan on watching all or part of the stream, please sign up for the event’s social network so that we (and others) know who you are.  The social network has an option to indicate whether you are attending the symposium in person or remotely.

Also, for anyone tweeting, blogging or sharing other material about the event, remember that the event tag is ‘esym09’ (‘#esym09’ on Twitter).  If you want to follow the event on Twitter, you can do so using the Twitter search facility.


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