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March 06, 2009

Comments feed for this blog

In response to end-user demand (thanks Brian!) there is now an RSS (1.0) comments feed for this blog, listing the 25 most recent comments on all posts.  A link tag in the head section of this blog's home page should take your favorite feed reader to the right place fairly automatically.

Note that we also offer feeds of comments on individual posts (though that strikes me as somewhat less useful since we rarely get more than a few comments per post anyway).

Also note that configuring this kind of thing on Typepad strikes me as being way more complicated than it should be!


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From the perspective of the commenter, I like sites that allow for comment feeds for individual posts. That way, if I make a comment I can easily track follow-up to it by adding the post comment feed into my newsreader.

And, to the contrary, I haven't really grasped the usefulness of whole-blog comment feeds for anyone except the blog owners. But perhaps that is just me...

Thanks. It seems that I blogged slightly too early - we still haven't configured Typepad to do exactly what we want! :-( At the moment, the aggregated comments feed is working but the individual (per post) comments feeds are not. Sorry about that - we're working on it.

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