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February 11, 2009

Two snippets of OpenID news

A couple of bits of OpenID-related news that are worth noting...

First, both Paypal and Facebook have recently joined the OpenID Foundation.  The two are interesting for different reasons.  Paypal, it seems to me, brings with it the functional requirements of an environment that is very different from OpenID's original, low-trust, arena of blog posting and commenting.  On the other hand Facebook brings a high commitment to usability and, despite a generally bad press (or perhaps because of a generally bad press?), it seems to me is actually making some of the right kind of noises around openness.

In short, these moves are very interesting in terms of the future of OpenID and, to a certain extent, bring with them the potential of a shot in the arm for the credibility of OpenID in the education space.

Second, the work that Plaxo have been doing, using OpenID and OAuth to streamline their use of the Google as an OpenID provider (OP) also looks very interesting.  As the Wired article says:

This is momentum. All of a sudden, OpenID is looking like it has a very bright future.


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