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January 13, 2009

Plagiarism in the classroom

A new 30 minute video by Teachers.tv, Secondary ICT - Plagiarism - A Cut and Paste Generation, looks at issues around plagiarism in school, college and university settings.

A look at how staff combat plagiarism in schools, colleges and universities, following the rise of the internet and the cut and paste generation.

A schools plagiarism workshop shows the difficulty in defining and responding to plagiarism in schools, and students at the University of Leeds attend a compulsory study skills module to help boost their understanding of plagiarism.

At Ripon Grammar School, North Yorkshire, staff help students develop independent research skills using the internet in unexpected subjects such as PE and biology.

Hemsworth Arts and Community College, Pontefract, teaches a Harvard style referencing system and uses a plagiarism policy to demonstrate the small steps that can provide pupils with the awareness they need in internet research.

It features a short extract showing one of the plagiarism workshops undertaken by Netskills as part of the information literacy projects that we funded a while ago.

Teachers.tv videos are primarily targeted at school teachers in the UK but this video will probably be of interest to anyone thinking about how to improve citation and general information literacy skills at any level of education.


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