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November 13, 2008

OpenID market research

Brian Kissel (of JanRain) has a nice set of slides on Slideshare, OpenID Foundation Market Research Report from IIWb 2008,summarising the market drivers, technology enablers and business benefits of OpenID, then listing some of the challenges currently being faced and the initiatives underway in response.

I've been meaning to write up some of this stuff here but these slides capture the issues very succinctly so I won't bother :-)

The user experience of OpenID continues to be one of the major barriers to more widespread take up, something that has been discussed here before.  What I think is interesting, at least in comparison to what I suggest are a very similar set of usability issues for Shibboleth (as adopted by the UK Access Management Federation), is how openly the usability problems are being discussed and how significant the resources are (e.g. including a contribution from the likes of Google and Yahoo) that appear to be being put into solving them.  This is where the adoption of mainstream technologies (such as OpenID), as opposed to education-specific technologies, can bring real benefits for the education community.


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Note that there's a related blog post from Chris Messina, Independent study on OpenID awareness using Mechanical Turk, at http://tinyurl.com/58cy5k .

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