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October 03, 2008

eFoundations LiveWire

Livewire_2eFoundations LiveWire will get its first proper outing later today (wireless network permitting) with a live-blog from the Future of Technology in Education (FOTE) event at Imperial College in London.

LiveWire is a slightly different kind of blog, more like a container for a collection of live-blogs really, and you may have to bear with us while we work out how best to squeeze the live-blog format into the new container in the most effective way. There will probably be issues with date-stamps, URLs and so on.

We are hosting it on Typepad - a choice made largely for consistency with how we host this blog rather than because it is necessarily the best way of organising things - and we'll initially use CoveritLive as the live-blogging engine. We've also pre-populated it with a number of older live-blogs from the last 6 months or so.

Feel free to drop by every so often. Keep an eye on the LiveWire RSS feed if you are interested - we'll try and announce new live-blogs about a week in advance of any meeting we are covering.


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Good stuff. Saved me (and the planet) a 1,200 mile round trip. Also meant I didn't have to get up until 9:50 to catch Pauline's presentation, and am following it while eating breakfast and stroking the cat.

...tho' finding it quite hard and a bit stressful to write a coherent, thoughtful reply when other updates are going up. (Is this a sign of middle age?). Breakfast abandoned, cat eating it, while was trying to comment and follow comments.

Must be even harder for you do that and follow the speaker and deal with technical things simultaneously.

One possible approach would be to setup an event based Twitter account (in this case something like fowa2008ap). Those interested could follow this from a Twitter client, the web client or via RSS, reply to it using the @ syntax to comment, it would be searchable via Twitter Search etc.
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