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September 17, 2008

Virtual World Watch

Our series of snapshots looking at the uptake of Second Life within UK HE and FE continue, now in the slightly revised guise of Virtual World Watch. The intention is to broaden the scope of the work, in particular looking at the use of alternatives to Second Life such as OpenSim and Project Wonderland.

Are you in a UK university or college and developing, teaching or learning in a virtual world such as Second Life? VWW would love to hear about it. This is also a way of publicising to the world - and especially to academics, developers and teachers using virtual worlds - about what you are doing.


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you should also be thinking about the content inworld in addition to the platforms. We run the largest public space in second life now. Come check out what is possible inworld http://rezzable.com/virtual-worlds.

We also have a running list of virtual world platforms here: http://rezzable.com/blog/rightasrain-rimbaud/virtual-world-platforms-watch-list


Check out the MiRTLE project based on Wonderland at the University of Essex in the UK:
Video link to Dr Michael Gardner's talk at EUNIS 2008 - http://www.media.au.dk/podcast/?p=episode&name=2008-07-22_eunis2008-michael_gardner.mp4

Also, The Virtual Northstar Project based on Project Wonderland at Saint Paul College in Minnesota


Regarding OpenSim educational use in the UK, you might be interested in some of my own blog post (and comments) about education at


Good to see that you broaden your horizon and look beyond the borders of Second Life. Many projects are starting up and people are finding use in different ways for this new technology.

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