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September 25, 2008

How to write: Journalism

Today's UK Guardian has a supplement about journalism (part of a week-long "How to write" series) which includes a couple of things that might be of interest.

Firstly, Michael White (who writes the Guardian Politics Blog) has a short piece on how to write a blog which includes:

So a blogger must be careful with facts, even bad spelling can shatter the illusion of authority. He/she must be prepared to defend every fact and opinion - or apologise. Brevity is best, it always is. Beware the conceit (into which I fall) that the infinity of the blogosphere gives you the right to prattle on.

Above all, a blogger must have a thick skin. It's tough out there, but also fun. Among the hooligans there are clever, decent people who simply want to tell you things you didn't know.

Secondly, there is a useful-looking writer's checklist which, although targetted at budding journalists, probably contains a lot of useful reminders for common or garden bloggers as well.


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There's nothing common or garden about me but the reminders were useful anyway. Thanks.

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