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September 17, 2008


Next week I'll be attending the DC-2008 conference of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative in Berlin.

I'll be attending the meeting of the Usage Board over the weekend (cue my usual grumbles about weekend meetings: if I'm not paying full attention on Saturday afternoon, it's because I'm following the football scores on the BBC site, OK?); I'm giving a tutorial on Monday (I'm pretty nervous about that, but at least it'll be over with early in the week); and I think that's about it for things with my name on them, but I'll no doubt be chipping in in various working group meetings after that. It's difficult to predict the "burning issues", but I get the feeling that the (perennial?) tensions between quite "informal" approaches and approaches based on RDF or the DCMI Abstract Model will feature, and I'd like to think that the draft note on "levels of interoperability" that I mentioned a while ago - and that is still very much a work in progress, I hasten to add - will help shed some light on the underlying questions here.

I'm quite excited about visting Berlin. I haven't been before, and it's a city I've wanted to see for ages. Like Manhattan or Paris, it's one of those places I half feel I know already from having seen it in films, but I know the reality of seeing a place for the first time is always quite different. I love German beer, and some of my favourite music in recent years seems to have come from Berlin. I had initially planned to travel overland, but the revisions to the Eurostar timetable following the recent fire have kinda scuppered that, so I caved in and got a flight this week :-( (But I'm still getting the train home!)


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