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August 12, 2008

Metadata and microformats

<shamelessPlug>I happened to notice earlier on (OK, I admit it... I was checking at the time) that my Does metadata matter? slidecast has been featured on the Slideshare homepage.</shamelessPlug>  In doing do, I also spotted a similarly featured presentation called What Brian Cant Never Taught You About Metadata by Drew McLellan - such a great title that I couldn't possibly ignore it!

Turns out to be quite good, though much of it is about microformats (which isn't hinted at by the title).

Don't know what microformats are?  Try watching Drew's 5 minute Clangers' Guide to Microformats.


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Microformats seem like a great idea, although some of the efforts seem to have stalled. Check out the pages on the citation microformat, for instance. First, they don't seem to understand citations much, especially some of the complexities (ISO 690 anyone?). Second, they don't seem to understand Dublin Core, which has to be a hot favourite to re-use as part of any citation microformat. Third, it seems to have stopped, at least last time I looked. Finally, I subscribed to the mailing list, which was full of people being suppressed for trying to talk about stuff the heavies had decided wasn't to be talked about (well, maybe it was only one person). I couldn't stick it for long.

Against which, we have RDFa. Is that a better fit for the linked data web world?

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