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July 18, 2008

Vapour Linked Data Validator

Spotted via an announcement to the W3C Linked Open Data mailing list, Vapour is a validation/checking service for "linked data", produced by the research team at the CTIC Foundation (Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies)  in Asturias, Spain. Given the URI of a resource it tests whether interactions follow the conventions recommended by Tim Berners-Lee's Linked Data principles, the Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies from the W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group, and Cool URIs for the Semantic Web from the W3C Semantic Web Education and Outreach (SWEO) Interest Group. The tool is also available as open source software.

Vapour bundles together nicely a set of functions which until now probably required using a few different tools and then applying a certain degree of manual sifting and interpretation; the human-readable reports produced are very clear and nicely designed (e.g. the HTTP interactions are represented in graphics similar in style to those used in the Best Practice Recipes... document). A neat, useful package.


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