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July 02, 2008

Snatching success from the jaws of failure

Failwhalemug What is Twitter's most notable presence on the Web right now?  The Fail Whale of course!  The Fail Whale is the graphic that appears every time the service falls over (well, except those times that it falls over so badly that they can't even serve the Fail Whale page! :-) ).

It strikes me as vaguely amusing that the artist behind the Fail Whale, Yiying Lu, who originally posted the image on iStockPhoto (though it has since been removed), has recently set up shop, offering mugs, mousemats and t-shirts based on her creation.

Good luck to her - according to Wikipedia, Twitter probably only paid around $10(US) for the image in the first place.  At least there's one person who's happy to see Twitter, and the rest of us twitterholics, suffering!


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