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June 26, 2008

Information Card Foundation - second attempt

I've been doing some work recently on a draft blogging policy for Eduserv staff and one of the things it suggests is:

Don't pick fights, be the first to correct your own mistakes, and don't alter previous posts without indicating that you have done so.

(Those of you who are familiar with IBM's policies in this area will probably recognise the wording!)

Well it's time for me to eat my own dog food and hold my hands up (not an easy combined activity at the best of times :-) ).

Kim Cameron pulled me up for being overly negative about his blog post on the new Information Card Foundation (ICF) in my original post of the subject yesterday.  And he was quite right to do so.  I put an apology in a comment but that probably isn't sufficient - so I'm writing it here as well.


The fact is, I'm basically guilty of judging someone and something on the basis of my personal views about the company they work for and that is, frankly, unacceptable.  I don't know enough about the space to form a sensible opinion and therefore shouldn't have done so.  I'll think much harder before doing it again.  It's particularly inappropriate for me to do it, since I sometimes feel like I am judged in association with the company I work for!

Whether one views Microsoft as 'good' or 'evil' is pretty much a religious issue - and most of the time I try to keep religion out of my blog posts.  Clearly, on this occasion, I failed to do that.

For the record, and irrespective of how I came across on the blog, my first reaction on seeing the announcement of the ICF was to initiate some discussion in Eduserv about becoming a member.  (As an aside, I'm also hopeful that we'll join the W3C and the OpenID Foundation.)  This is an important initiative, for all sorts of reasons, and I'm hopeful that positive and open things will come of it.


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It's great that you have been willing to look more closely at the underlying dynamics of the industry's co-operation around these issues.

I hope we are able to meet going forward. Please check out the Laws of Identity to see where I'm coming from.

All the best,


If you want to start controversy how about suggesting that there is foundation overload? How about discussing in the next blog entry that the IT industry as a whole needs to stop creating separate groups? How about "suggesting" that this could have been part of OASIS, OWASP or some other existing group...

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