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June 30, 2008

Article 2.0 contest from Elsevier

This is interesting...

We’ve worked hard to build the Article 2.0 dataset, and now we’re opening it up to developers via a simple, straightforward REST API. We will provide contestants with access to approximately 7,500 full-text XML scientific articles (including images) and challenge each contestant to be the publisher. In other words, each contestant will have complete freedom for how they would like to present the scientific research articles contained in the Article 2.0 dataset.

Elsevier have announced a competition entitled Article 2.0, asking entrants to build new services on top of a scientific article data that they are making available (though I must admit when I first saw the name I thought they might be asking people to experiment with what academic journal articles of the future might look like).


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OMG the prizes are mind blowing!

Andy, I would be interested to get your views on the "scientific article of the future" too.

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