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May 16, 2008

JISC IE blog, Val Doonican and *that* diagram


A very quick note to say that the JISC Information Environment team are now blogging... good stuff.

And while I'm on the subject of the JISC IE, I should perhaps note that that diagram still seems to be doing the rounds.  At the UKOLN 30th celebration Paul Walk invited me to say a few words about it from the floor, at which point I stood up and joked that I'd left UKOLN to get away from the diagram and had no intention of saying anything about it!  Not quite true actually... I had prepared something to say about both the diagram and the work that went on around it but in the end I felt that the day needed something lighter and more anecdotal, so I sat down, stage front, mic in hand and said "I want to tell you a story" instead.

Ukoln30 This resulted in much piss being extracted by various of my current and ex-colleagues by way of reference to Val Doonican - Rachel Bruce (one of the authors of the new blog above) even went so far as to send me a photo of good old Val with the caption, "picture of you" :-)  I'll tell the story here, for posterity, another time - I know you're desperate to hear it.  I don't have the time right now.

Anyway, I digress... back to the diagram.  So having turned down an opportunity to talk about the diagram that day, I tuned into the live video stream from the JISC conference a few weeks later and found Sir Ron Cooke (Chair of the JISC) speaking to it in-front of an audience of practically millions.

Hey, if nothing else, it's certainly been good value.  If someone did a tag cloud of Powerpoint slides based on the number of times they'd been shown in JISC-related events, I reckon that diagram would be pretty sizable.


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er... that's Val Dooni*c*an.


Hi Andy. I did get you to email me your Val Doonican story so I could use it in my IWMW 2006 report (at http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue48/iwmw-2006-rpt/ ). Hope I got it about right.


Doh! Twice...

Re: 'g' vs 'c' - dunno how I did that - I even attempted to look it up! lol. Have fixed it quietly to partially cover my embarrassment.

Re: write up in Ariadne. Ah yes, I'd forgotten that you'd done that. Oh well, perhaps it doesn't need writing up in the blog then. (I may not have actually gotten round to writing it up anyway!). The version I told at #ukoln30 was a little longer i think but Lorcan said afterwards that I'd got parts of it wrong anyway. Blame it on a failing memory.

What I was saying was that Dennis Nicholson had initiated the conversation with Tim Berners Lee as he wanted to use it for BUBL.

Of course that touches on another nice reminiscence: that great URL:


(which no longer works).

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