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April 04, 2008

Tech support via Twitter

I spent a few hours yesterday copying-and-pasting text from PDF into Powerpoint in order to create my Slideshare version of the Byron report summary for children.  Then I uploaded it to Slideshare and waited for it to appear on the Eduserv Foundation's Slidespace... and waited... and waited.  By this morning I'd waited 15 hours for the conversion to Slideshare's internal format to happen, something that usually only takes a few minutes at most.

I sent a tweet on Twitter asking if other people were having similar problems.  One of my followers (tango2) came back to say not.

Then something unexpected happened... I got a message via Twitter from someone at Slideshare saying:

  @andypowe11  Hi Andy, the SlideShare team is fixing the issue at the moment. It will be done in a couple of hours. Arun from SS.

A couple of tweets later and everything had been sorted, including a couple of stuck upload attempts of mine being removed.

Unsolicited tech support via Twitter... now that's what I call service!


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D'oh. I wrote a post on similar lines while waiting for a train to Oxford at Didcot Parkway this morning, but didn't have network access to upload it. I'll have to add something new so I'm not seem as simply echoing your comments :-)

Came across interesting company xignite which provides financial 'data services' as web services.

They talk about using twitter in the context of greater transparency on availability/service status.


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