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April 10, 2008

Powerhouse becomes first museum to join the Commons on Flickr

2362702043_3a80db9624_o_2 Via Seb Chan I note that the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia is the first museum to join the Commons on Flickr:

In the tradition of ’slow food’ we have decided to do a slow release of content with an initial 200 historic images of Sydney and surrounds available through the Commons on Flickr and a promise of another 50 new fresh images each week! These initial images are drawn from the Tyrrell Collection. Representing some of the most significant examples of early Australian photography, the Tyrrell Collection is a series of glass plate negatives by Charles Kerry (1857-1928) and Henry King (1855-1923), two of Sydney’s principal photographic studios at the time.

A follow-up post discusses the apparent impact this move is having.

Good stuff.  Which UK museum is going to be the first to do this I wonder?

[Image: A modern Australian shearer.  Glass plate negative.  Tyrrell Photographic Collection, Powerhouse Museum.]


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