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March 03, 2008

Second Life snapshot news

As we've mentioned before, the Foundation is currently funding John Kirriemuir to provide a series of rolling reports to update his initial survey of the take-up of Second Life within the UK Higher and Further Education sector, and to try to examine the impact that use of Second Life is having on teaching and learning. The third of John's reports will be available later this month, and to supplement the report itself, John is providing images of some of the SL spaces and resources developed by UK universities and colleges as a set on Flickr, and also a series of posts on his weblog providing up-to-date news of his current investigations in this area.

As John notes, participating in his study offers "an opportunity to promote what you’ve done, and also for like-minded academics to find you".


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I'm not a huge secondlife fan, but our University has recently created a part of the campus in secondlife (impressively accurate).



Chris Keene.
University of Sussex.

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