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March 18, 2008

e-Portfolio development and implementation

This is quite old I think (middle of 2007?), but none the worse for that and well worth sharing here...

On the face of it, this video by Graham Attwell of Pontydysgu (created as part of the European Mosep project I think) allows him to share his thoughts on the fairly narrow topic of the development and implementation of e-portfolios.  The reality though is much broader - and the result is a very nice, and quite general, overview of how the learning agenda is evolving.

Despite being a firm believer that a picture is worth a thousand words, my only minor quibble with the video lies with the diagrams that Graham uses towards the end, neither of which I found overly compelling (particularly not the first which appears, at least at first glance, to position ELGG as a fairly central component of the learning landscape - not that I have anything against ELGG you understand... I just don't get a sense that anything needs to be positioned so centrally - perhaps it is just a layout thing?).

Anyway, putting that to one side, the video is well worth watching if you are interested in such things and have 30 minutes or so to spare.


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Hi Andy,

If it makes you feel a bit better, Graham explicitly says (at 22:40) that this diagram does NOT indicate that ELGG is supposed to be the central focus of the personal learning landscape, but rather is supposed to illustrate how the learning landscape is composited of a number of inter-related services, with which the learner interacts (both as a consumer and contributor). ELGG's positioning in the diagram is almost certainly due to the original creator's (that is, Dave Tosh's) personal reference point as one of the original developers of the ELGG system; the diagram could equally have been drawn with Moodle or a wiki as a component, rather than ELGG. :)

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