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February 27, 2008

Inside Out - Eduserv Foundation Symposium 2008

I'm very pleased to announce that this year's Eduserv Foundation Symposium, Inside Out: What do current Web trends tell us about the future of ICT provision for learners and researchers?, will be held on Thursday May 8th at the British Library in London.

Intended as an opportunity to think about how the Web (and in particular Web 2.0) is disrupting the delivery and use of ICT for both learning and research within the education sector, the day will bring together seven different viewpoints covering educational institutions, the mainstream media and academic publishing.

The list of speakers is as follows:

  • Larry Johnson, New Media Consortium (US)
  • Bobbie Johnson, Guardian (UK)
  • Jem Stone, BBC (UK)
  • Chris Adie, University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • David Harrison, UCISA / University of Cardiff (UK)
  • Gráinne Conole, Open University (UK)
  • Geoffrey Bilder, CrossRef (UK)

The breadth and depth here is intentional - we didn't want a day that was just the education community talking to itself.  Rather we wanted to bring together a mix of viewpoints, trying to understand how recent Web trends impact on service delivery both inside and outside the sector.  I'm really pleased with the line up and am looking forward to an informative and enlightening day.

Interested?  Go to the main symposium page or the registration page.  Please note that registration for the event is free and includes a drinks reception after the presentations.  However, there will be a small charge if you are unable to attend on the day.


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"we didn't want a day that was just the education community talking to itself".

Well that's good. But we still seem to have an information centric community talking to itself. You are talking about the future if I AND C T's aren't you?

Any chance you might consider introducing a few of the communications centric into the pot? Seems like there's a habit of sticking to the one half of the Web knitting, while the other half of the IP disruption does the same.

You could always invite these guys. http://www.accessgrid.org/files/retreat07/abstracts/sendin.pdf
On the other hand, why don't you attempt to 'just do it'?

You say we are focusing on the I rather than the C? I'm not clear why? I don't see anything in the make-up of the day to indicate that conclusion and, if anything, I would expect speakers to tend to focus more on C (as in elearning collaboration and communication and scholarly communication) rather than I.

On the other hand, perhaps you are referring to the way we are delivering the day, as opposed to the topics of the speaker's talks? If so, then we are possibly slightly more guilty of what you say - our intention, at this stage, is to build a lightweight digital "communication" infrastructure around the talks on the day but I can't quite say what form it will take yet.

That said, I would not particularly expect our "communication" infrastructure to be based on the Access Grid, partly because the AG is anything but lightweight, even in its supposed lighter forms such as VRVS, at least in my experience. However, I'll take a look at the paper you cite to see if things are changing. Part of the point of the day is to discuss whether the kind of application infrastructure that can be brought into institutions from outside forms a useful alternative to the stuff we build ourselves and there has, as I'm sure you know, been a huge growth in video-related Web 2.0 services (hosted video, personal TV channels, lightweight streaming services, video-conferencing, and so on) of late.

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