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January 02, 2008

Welcome back...

Happy new year and all that...

I left work before Christmas with good intentions for blogging during the break - I even had several posts set up and ready to go - but things failed to materialise I'm afraid.  Too much going on at home I guess... which is a good thing.

Anyway, we're just about back in the office, so normal service should soon be restored.  For info... I've made a few cosmetic changes to the eFoundations Web site, adding a list of the most recent comments to the right-hand sidebar and disabling comments on all postings older than one month.  This latter change should help to reduce the odd bit of spam that used to get thru.  For the same reason, I've also experimentally turned on comment moderation.  As a result, comments will take slightly longer to appear.  We'll see how this change works out and may revert if we turn out not to be responsive enough in doing the moderation.

Here's to a fine and dandy 2008!


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