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January 15, 2008

I forgot I was a luddite

I'm just in the process of deleting my MyBlogLog account, largely because I get fed up of my image appearing on other people's blogs.  I don't quite know why but I find it somehow disconcerting to have my blog reading habits made so obviously public!

Anyway, MyBlogLog asks for a reason why the account is being closed, offering "I forgot I was a luddite" as one of the options.

Yup, that'll be the one.  Lol.


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I know what you mean about feeling disconcerted by MyBlogLog. In some ways it's nice to see who has been reading your blog, or someone else's but I always experience a slight jolt of discomfort when I see my own picture there, as if I've been caught doing something dodgy. Probably a research paper in this somewhere...

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