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January 28, 2008

Eduserv Foundation grants call 2008

I'm very pleased to announce that our 2008 call for research projects is now available.  This year we are looking for projects in three areas:

  • online identity
  • the open social graph
  • always-on Internet access and mobile computing.

In each case we are interested in research and/or development projects that move forward the education community’s understanding of the impact that emerging technologies will have on the way learning and research are undertaken.  Proposals may focus on the technical, social and/or political issues in these areas, inside and/or outside formal institutional settings (lecture theatres, research labs, campus open spaces, libraries, museums, Internet cafes, etc.).

Proposals that combine two or more of these areas are particularly welcome.

Please see the text of the call for full details.  Note that proposals that include a software development component are encouraged, though this is not a requirement.

Important: projects must be based at a UK academic institution (i.e. that's where the money must be going in the first instance).  However, subcontracting work to an external organisation or individual is acceptable.


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