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December 07, 2007

Metadata in the top 10

I missed this when it came out (largely because I don't have Gartner particularly high on my radar) but a flyer for The Essentials of Metadata and Taxonomy, a one day executive briefing, dropped on my desk today and I noted that back in October Gartner ranked metadata management as one of the top 10 issues for 2008.

Let's look at that again...

Metadata Management. Through 2010, organizations implementing both customer data integration and product integration and product information management will link these master data management initiatives as part of an overall enterprise information management (EIM) strategy. Metadata management is a critical part of a company’s information infrastructure. It enables optimization, abstraction and semantic reconciliation of metadata to support reuse, consistency, integrity and shareability. Metadata management also extends into SOA projects with service registries and application development repositories. Metadata also plays a role in operations management with CMDB initiatives.

OK, so now I remember why I don't read Gartner very often.  I mean it's hard to find fault with it as a statement - other than it'd be a great paragraph for buzzword bingo.  But I have no idea what practical steps organisations are going to be taking over the next few years as a result.  One of the problems faced by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative in moving into this kind of more corporate space, which is something that I suspect they'd like to do, is that this is not the kind of language that the DC community talks by and large.

Some of the sessions at the executive briefing day (see above) look quite interesting - particularly the work being done by the BBC.


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