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December 05, 2007

Flickr mon amour

Alan Levine recently blogged his love for Flickr and Flickr's love for him!  Ahhh, how touching to see romance blossoming in the Web 2.0 space :-).  I have to confess that I share his views - though of course, as a somewhat reserved brit, I could never admit to it so publicly.

But he is right... Flickr is great.  At eFoundations we often find ourselves using it as a kind of reference model against which other Web-based repository / content management systems can be assessed.  Cool URIs.  Good user experience.  Clever integration of complex functionality in a Web-based user interface.  API.  It's all there.

Particularly nice is the relatively seamless way that external applications can be integrated into the Flickr experience.  Alan points out that Picnik can now be used as its built-in photo editor.  I have no idea how the technology behind this works... as an end-user all I get is a single prompt to confirm that I'm happy with Picnik accessing my Flickr account and I'm away.  Pretty much seamless (or "well seamed" as Peter Burnhill likes to say).

I'm convinced that when we talk about 'repositories' in the academic sector we could do a lot worse than to look at Flickr and say, "how do we make our repositories more like that?".


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