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December 21, 2007

Eye potty

Many of you will know that Brian Kelly, a colleague of mine for many years at UKOLN, was recently named IWR Information Professional of the Year (or IPOTY as one of his current colleagues called it).  Many congratulations to Brian - his ability to forge and sustain communities around Web policy issues is second to none and the award is well deserved.

Here's what I wrote about Brian, way back in Feb '95, after seeing him present for the first time:

An intro to the WWW - Brian Kelly, Leeds
A pretty standard intro to the Web, probably wasted on most of those there. Not too suprisingly the only live demo attempted on the day, showing the 'Frog Dissection Kit', failed!

Not exactly positive!

This was sent in a trip report to the University of Bath Campus Information Group (remember those!) reporting on a JISC-sponsored meeting entitled "The WWW - A Strategic Tool for UK Higher Education - Briefing for Information Managers".  Looking thru my summary of the other speakers is quite interesting for a view of what taxed the minds of Web managers (though they probably wouldn't have been called that then) and policy makers at the time.

By the time Brian joined UKOLN in '96 I'd pretty much forgotten about sending that particular message.  Unfortunately, he found it in the Web archives of the mailing list (still preserved today thanks to the Wayback Machine) and has never let me forget it since! :-)

Final thought... in his predictions for the future, presented at that meeting, I note that Brian suggested that "MOOs and MUDS-For support of distributed teaching" were "likely to become important".  Hey, not a bad prediction for a future IPOTY, given current levels of interest in the use of virtual worlds in education.


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Quick follow-up... I note that in my write-up of Derek Law's presentation I said,

"The notes for this talk seem to be a bit splattered with 4 and 5 letter acronyms :-(. The gist of it seems to be that the JISC has money available for the provision of better Web services within the UK academic community and just need telling how to spend it."

Hmmm... no change there then!

Hi Andy
Ta for sharing these memories :-)
The talk I find most interesting from the event was Bob Hynds proposal (see http://www.agocg.ac.uk/wshop/www/code.htm) on how possible dangers to the institutions reputations resulting from linking to inappropriate materials should be addressed - but only allowing links to pages within the domain.
That never happened - but are we repeating our over-managed solutions to the dangers of a Web 2.0 world, I wonder?

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