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December 14, 2007

Alpha versions of OAI ORE specifications available

On Tuesday, Herbert Van de Sompel and Carl Lagoze announced the availability of "alpha" versions of the specifications developed by the OAI Object Reuse & Exchange (ORE) project Technical Committee. The set of documents is:


They describe a set of conventions for representing the relationships between what ORE calls an "Aggregation" (the "thing which has parts", for which I think we've gone through several names over the course of the year!) and its constituent resources, in the form of a "Resource Map" for the Aggregation, using the graph model of the Resource Description Framework (RDF). The documents include a specification for a serialisation of the ORE Resource Map using the Atom Syndication Format.

In the middle of November, I joined the small "editorial group" that was working on the content of the documents, and I contributed mainly to the Abstract Data Model document. I admit that there are some parts of the documents that I'm still not 100% happy with (yeah, yeah, I know, when am I ever 100% happy? ;-) ), and I think we need to do some more work on. But I also think the TC has made considerable progress in clarifying (and simplifying) many aspects that had been the topic of much debate, and Herbert and Carl have done a sterling job in co-ordinating and channeling that effort, and I am very pleased that the we've reached the stage of having a set of documents we feel more or less content to put out there for comments. (Of course, they come with the usual caveats that, at this stage, the content is still liable to change significantly.)

A Google Group has been set up for comments:


and any comments on the content of the specifications should be sent there.


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