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November 06, 2007

TwitterPoster - mapping UK usage of Twitter (almost)

Via a post from Alan Levine I noticed TwitterPoster and in particular TwitterPosterUK.  (No, I wasn't simply looking for myself (*) - how very dare you!)

TwitterPoster provides a "provides a visual representation of the degree of influence of the Twitter users" based simply on the number of followers that a  person has (I think).  It also makes quite a nice picture.  The mouse-over text for each Twitter user's image also shows their geographic location (based on the information held in that user's profile on Twitter).  Quickly scanning the poster suggested, superficially, that Brighton seemed to feature quite highly in the UK list.

I wrote a quick Perl script to look at where the most influential UK Twitterers are based - it'd be interesting to plot this info on a Google map I guess - though it's worth noting that the data is quite dirty.  Here's the result (tidied up slightly by hand with a bit of guesswork):

London: 207
Brighton: 40
Cambridge: 23
Birmingham: 17
Bristol: 15
Edinburgh: 12
Glasgow: 12
Oxford: 11
Newcastle: 8
Liverpool: 7
Southampton: 6
Nottingham: 6
Leeds: 6
Hull: 4
Reading: 4
Kingston: 4
Portsmouth: 4
Chester: 4
Milton Keynes: 4
Bath: 3

I stopped at Bath, UK - it being my home town.  Where's Manchester?  Also interesting to note that @bbcbrasil appears to be more highly followed than any other BBC Twitter channel?

(*) I appear mid-table if you are really interested :-)


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