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November 06, 2007

New Dublin Core in X/HTML spec available for comment

DCMI has announced the availability for public comment of a proposal for a new version of the specification which describes how to encode DC metadata using the <meta> and <link> elements of HTML and XHTML. Comments should be sent to the DC-ARCHITECTURE mailing list.

This document is based explicitly on the DCMI Abstract Model, so it specifies

  • a subset of the constructs and components of the DCAM description model which the syntax supports
  • how each of the supported constructs and components of the DCAM description set are "encoded" using HTML/XHTML elements and attributes

Also, the document is an X/HTML meta data profile document, and it contains a link to an XSLT transform which acts as a "profile transformation" in the sense specified by the W3C GRDDL recommendation, and outputs an RDF/XML representation of the metadata. (The XSLT is currently work-in-progress and liable to change.)

So a GRDDL-aware processor can extract RDF data from any XHTML document which uses the profile URI http://dublincore.org/documents/2007/11/05/dc-html/ See for example, one of the examples in the document:


from which the W3C GRDDL service generates



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