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November 02, 2007

Farewell to Rachel

John Kirriemuir recently blogged an old photo of UKOLN staff circa 1996, Wear your tie neatly if you want to get on..., reminiscing about the good old days and noting what has happened to some of those pictured.  In particular John commented that Wednesday was Rachel Heery's last day at UKOLN.  This is very sad in many ways.  Rachel is leaving UKOLN for all the wrong reasons - ill-health taking its toll on one of the nicest people I know.  I, for one, already miss the contribution that she is able to make to the digital library space.

Rachel was on my interview panel, such as it was - more like an informal chat with Rachel and Lorcan actually - when I first joined UKOLN.  It was also Rachel who gave me away when I left, something I very much appreciated.  1996 seems like a long time ago now but since that time Rachel and I have worked on more projects and activities than I care to remember.  Whilst we often disagreed on technical and other matters - UKOLN staff will testify to that - our arguments were what drove our thinking forward.  To be completely honest, it was a big part of what made the job at UKOLN fun and I don't think we have ever actually fallen out over anything in any kind of serious way!

Rachel, good luck in the future.  Have a great retirement, look after yourself and, if you have the time and inclination, don't feel shy about joining our digital library conversations from afar.  You'll be more than welcome.


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Rachel is cool. She was also the guardian of the biscuit tin in the "metadata research office". While it was easy to dodge past the other two occupants in there, she would be the effective barrier between myself and biscuit heaven.

These things matter in an office environment.

She's also on Facebook, so is still digitally contactable.

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