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November 14, 2007

Exploiting The Potential Of Blogs and Social Networks

Brian Kelly at UKOLN is running a full-day workshop in Birmingham on the 26th November entitled, Exploiting The Potential Of Blogs and Social Networks.  In a moment of madness a while ago I offered to help stream the presentations from the workshop onto the Web so that they could be seen and/or heard live by people who are not able to attend for one reason or another.  I have no idea why I did this - I have no experience of doing this kind of thing and my last attempt at recording the audio of an event (at our recent OpenID meeting) failed miserably.

Oh well...  I think I can cope with the pressure!

The plan (and this is my big excuse when/if it all goes horribly wrong) is to demonstrate the possibilities for video-streaming live meetings using cheap or free equipment and services.  Video will be captured using an ordinary Web-cam or a fairly basic digital camera (I haven't decided which yet).  Audio will be captured using a low-end podcasting kit.  The resulting stream will be fed to Veodia, where it will be streamed onto the Web and into the Virtual Congress Centre in Second Life.  Second Life delegates will be able to chat to each other in-world and to other virtual delegates and those people using the wireless network in the venue via Twitter or IRC (again, I haven't decided which yet).

Sounds complex?  Probably.  Do-able?  I think/hope so.  It'll be interesting to see how things work out.

If you want to attend as a virtual delegate there is no registration as such, but it would help me think about numbers in Second Life and elsewhere if you could let me know by email (andy.powell@eduserv.org.uk - how 20th century!) or in-world IM (to Art Fossett) if you are interested in attending.


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In a setup like that, sound and video sync can become a major issue. Codecs have very different compression delays. Edinburgh use a web-streaming system that has a special delay circuit that seems to work quit well, but annoyingly only outputs in Windows Media Player formats.

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