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October 08, 2007

Usage Board membership

After six years of sterling service (and long weekends holed up in library meeting rooms arguing about the relationships of "creators" and "contributors", and which properties take literals as values), Andy stepped down as a member of the DCMI Usage Board after their meeting in Barcelona in March. And Stuart Sutton from the University of Washington has also stepped from the UB after their recent meeting at DC-2007 in Singapore. Andy and Stuart were both members of the Usage Board since its inception in 2001, and have made substantial contributions to its work over that period, and I'm sure their input will be sorely missed.

And without remotely wishing to suggest that I can fill such shoes, I'm pleased to report that I've been invited to become a member of the UB. I've attended a few UB meetings as a "guest" in the past (and probably interjected from the sidelines far more than it's polite for a "guest" to do!), so I have the advantage of having had some time to see how the processes - and people ;-) -  work. It's an interesting (and challenging, I think) time for DCMI and for the UB, as the focus shifts away from the notion of "Dublin Core as fifteen elements" towards the development of DC application profiles designed to meet a specified set of requirements, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work more closely with the other UB members.

Julie Allinson from the University of York, who along with Andy co-ordinated the work on the development of the Eprints/Scholarly Works DC Application Profile, has also joined the Usage Board.


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