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October 05, 2007

Tags as metadata

I note that presentations from the Networked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services (NKOS) workshop held during ECDL 2007 are now available.  The paper by Emma Tonkin et al. entitled Kinds of Tags: a collaborative research study on tag usage and structure [PPT] (can I mention Slideshare at this point!?) caught my eye.

This paper does some analysis of real-world usage of tags by attempting to map them to the original 15 simple Dublin Core metadata properties.  In particular, it notes 4 gaps where people are trying to record information with tags in a way that is not possible with DC:

  • "Action Towards Resource" (e.g., to read, to print...),
  • "To Be Used In" (e.g. work, class),
  • "Rate" (e.g., very good, great idea) and
  • "Depth" (e.g. overview).


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