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October 05, 2007

NMC Survey on Educators' Use of Second Life

I've only had time to glance at this, but I notice that (hot on the heels of Andy's announcement yesterday of our most recent snapshot from John Kirriemuir of UK higher/further education activity in SL), the New Media Consortium have announced the publication of the results of a survey they conducted earlier in the year:

Sent out to members of the NMC, our in-world educational community, and the Second Life Educators Listserv (SLED) in May 2007, the survey represents the interests, activities, and demographics of more than 200 educators.

Overall, the results reflect the highly social interaction of Second Life and how educators have formed and contribute to a vibrant community in this virtual world space.

They publish a summary analysis and also include an appendix which lists the full content of the replies to the "open-ended questions". I suspect the documents will provide not only a useful source of empirical data, but also hours (well, OK, minutes, then) of amusement and/or winces of recognition. The comments on positive and negative experiences of SL seem to cover pretty much the whole spectrum.

I'll cite only one of my favourites here:

Q 26: Has using Second Life shuffled how you spend your free time? What activities, if any, has your time in Second Life replaced?

A: this is a depressing question


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